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EmailSYSTEM is an email marketing application, a platform for sending email newsletters to big lists of email addresses. The procedure of sending mass email is very easy, even for users with little computer experience, admin panel in greek language and you can monitor your email marketing campaign, through analytical statistics, from every computer you have access to internet!

Easy and fast bulk email marketing service. Monitor opened, archives and delivered emails.

Our statistics are beyond imagination… Who rode it, when, who many opened, monitor clicks, how many times, in what image etc.

You can choose from 50+ templates, edit it and send it, so simple…

Tips, smart ideas and best practices from the best clients, to be successful at email marketing.

Who uses EmailSYSTEM

  • email marketing για επιχειρήσεις
  • Companies

    Low cost with huge benefits
  • email marketing για οργανισμούς
  • Organizations & Academic

    Share and organize knowledge and information
  • email marketing για ιδιώτες
  • Individuals

    Keep informed your friends, colleagues and family

“EmailSYSTEM staff helped me to build my newsletter template and I noticed much correspondence from clients. A vast majority opens my campaign, not only once but 2 or more times ” Varvara Raymondou, RBS S.A.

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