Based on our experience we can assure you that in order to successfully send newsletters, your are going to need a unique server setup, management, load balancing and IP management. In other words, to be successful in email marketing, you need to trust a company that is specialized to provide this setup to its clients.

The ideal solution for a company or an individual is to have their own servers with secure protocols, regarding sender identity. Therefore the administration of servers must be clients responsibility, and not trust a third party server setup that maybe has been recoginized as spam. If you need to adjust a dedicated email server, our company has the know-how and proper infrastructure to develop it for you, and start sending your newsletters.

What really happens

This leverages the cost because you need to develop and support your own servers. It is maybe the ideal solution, but also this doesn’t mean that is one way through. Here in deZitech, we balance this, using new technologies like clustering, IP Virtualization, load balancing efforts etc.

For simple email and newsletter campaigns, you can choose from our packages the one that fits your needs. Of course, the first step is to try for free our services and see if we can deliver what we promise!

The fact that mass email sending is technically much more complicated, confirms a popular user question: “Why my emails are delivered to the spam folder? My message is neither offensive nor illegal.”

Nobody can guarantee  that 100% of your emails will be delivered to the inbox and not to the spam folder. Some email clients have strong filters that flag a newsletter as spam. At EmailSYSTEM we have developed the way to ensure that your emails are not going to land to a spam folder.

The difference between a successful and unsuccessful email marketing campaign is not the program that proceeds the sending. There are plenty of open source programs out there, to try if you like to. Many years of experience, know-how and server infrastructure makes the diferrence.

You can try our services, just by making a Free Trial, fully functional for 1000 sendings.