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We created packages that suit your company or individual needs so to never worry again for spam blocks, blacklists, IP reputation, delivery at inbox etc. We provide our unique services, without extra charge!

1. Monthly Plan

These packages last for 1 month (30 days) from payment day and they can be extended only if you want to. There is not a monthly commitment. The cost depends on the number of email sendings every month. Suitable for clients who have many sendings in one month, with a big email list and would like to monitor their expenses every month.

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2. Unlimited time packages

There is no expiration dates. You prepay one of these and you keep it for as long as you want, until email sendings are exhausted. These packages are suitable for clients with small lists and not a plenty of monthly email sendings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the payment methods?

You can pay with bank transfer, credit card, paypal and skrill. Click here for detailed payment methods.

I have a list of 20.000 emails and I want to send only once. Which is the best solution for me?

When you own a big list, the best money for value solution is the monthly plan.

If I don’t renew my monthly plan, is my account deleted?

No. You can pause your account and don’t pay for a couple of months. Your account is intact, but of course you cannot make sendings.

My biggest concern is spam. I don’t want my emails landing to a spam folder. Although I don’t send spam emails, is there a logical explanation why this happens?

Yes, there is. Explore our Know-How page and find out how we minimize the risk of emails going to a spam folder by 80%!

Can you provide me with an email list?

Our company does not provide, sell or rent email lists. Every client must have her/his own email list(s).

Do I have to download any software and install it on my computer?

No. EmailSYSTEM is an online platform. You can access it from anywhere through an internet connection.

I have created a template, but it doesn’t appear right. Can you help me to fix it?

Of course. Contact us and we will help you fix it, without any charge.

I have a package that is small for my needs. Can I upgrade it paying the difference?

Yes. You inform us to which package you want to upgrade and we make the proper adjustments at once.

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