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5 steps to send your first email newsletter with EmailSYSTEM!

Gather emails. Export your Excel list to [.txt] or [.csv] file format. List can be 5 or more different files. It doesn’t matter at all and it doesn’t need to be unified.
Upload your contacts Through our mass import tool, you upload your csv or txt file and after a couple of checks (for duplicates or error emails) you are ready to go! Contact emails are organized into separate groups, for better management.
Create your newsletter You can upload your coded template and start using it, or you can choose from our template archives, for free and unlimited uses
Send your campaign Before sending your campaign, you can make test sending to ensure that the quality of the newsletter delivered is appropriate. You can adjust the FROM field and add your email, to be more personalized.
Campaign Monitoring Analytical Statistics of whom read the newsletter, when, and how many times opened it. You can also monitor clicks through your message.
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Contacts Management

  • Usually, except email address we want to store the full name of recipient, company name, telephone etc. EmailSYSTEM supports including these personal information fields.
  • Advanced search through your contacts with many criteria and filters to personalize your sending.
  • Upload and Extract your contacts with a simple click!
  • Group your contacts based on your criteria i.e. Doctors, lawyers, teachers etc. Make as many groups as you like!
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Newsletter Management

  • Upload your unique template in an easy way.
  • Possibility to attach any file to your newsletter.
  • Choose any of 30+ premade templates the one that fits your needs, totally for free!
  • Upload your images no matter how big they are!
  • Alter the code of the newsletter, if you have HTML knowledge.
  • Personalize your email, adding the name of the recipient to the message, i.e. Dear Dimitris Dimitriou instead of the typical Dear customer.
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Analytical Statistics

A very strong feature of EmailSYSTEM is statistics, for your contacts and campaigns. Acquire information about:

  • Who opened email, date and time
  • How many times he opened the newsletter and where he clicked
  • Bounce mails, undelivered or inactive email addresses
  • Total statistics per month or year
  • How many people subscribed or unsubscribed to your newsletter.

Why choose us...

• Guaranteed delivery at inbox, not spam folder!
• We protect our customers privacy
• We have our own fast servers, IP sets, own infrastructure not third party!
• 30+ premade template newsletters to choose from
• Your custom name in FROM field
• Instant briefing when someone unsubscribes from your list
• You pay only for emails sent!
• Admin panel in greek language!
• Video tutorials in greek
• Installments possibility!
• Total support: Live chat, Helpdesk, telephone center, manuals

Contact us!

Athens: +30 210 80 49 082
Thessaloniki: +302310917128

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